Acoustic Panels

We recommend that you consider a few things before buying acoustic panels.

Here you will find information that we would like to highlight to give you more opportunity to choose the right solution for you. What all our models have in common is that they are easy to install, are of good quality and that the panels have good sound-absorbing properties. In addition, the design is first-class.

What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are a type of sound-absorbing panel with ribs mounted on an acoustic felt. They are used to improve the sound environment while changing and enhancing the character and appearance of the room. The panel absorbs sound waves and reduces echoes, creating a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Acoustic panels are usually made of wood or other materials that contribute to the ability to absorb sound.

Our acoustic wall panels have unique features

Our acoustic panels are characterised by the fact that they are available in several designs that offer more design possibilities.
We offer classic ribbed walls with different thicknesses of the ribs, as well as a model series with varying widths of the ribs. Our acoustic panels are available in a variety of colour shades, making it easy to find a panel that suits your interior and taste.
All our panels are mounted on our RecoSilent acoustic felt, which provides outstanding soundproofing properties. Acoustic panel creates an effective sound absorption.

Ribbon Wood

Ribbon Wood is a high-quality Swedish-made acoustic panel with ribs made of real wood veneer. The panel is available in several different types of wood and shades, such as oak, walnut and ash, and the ribs are mounted on a black or grey acoustic felt. With the possibility of reaching sound class A, Ribbon Wood is an excellent choice to improve acoustics while creating an elegant and natural atmosphere in homes, offices or other spaces.

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Diamond Walnut, Black RecoSilent side view

Thin Ribbon

ThinRibbon, our new acoustic panel with thin ribs, gives the room a natural wooden feel and effectively reduces sound levels thanks to the combination of ribs and our RecoSilent acoustic felt.The panel is lightweight, flexible and easy to install, making it a practical and elegant choice.Its thin profile allows it to fit smoothly against mouldings and requires no extra adjustments during installation. Available in two standard lengths, ThinRibbon offers unrivalled flexibility to create a quieter and more aesthetically pleasing environment.

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Diamond Oak Barcode, black RecoSilent - side

Ribbon Wood Barcode

The Barcode acoustic panel, whose name is inspired by the barcode-like pattern thanks to ribs of different widths, is an exciting addition to our other models. The panel offers additional design possibilities and can be easily combined with other models, such as RibbonWood.Barcode is easy to install and available in two different lengths.

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Ribbon Design

Ribbon Design are acoustic panels that give a stripped-down feel of metal, stone or cement, without the echo. Choose the look between corten sheet, marble or cement to match your style. The panels are easy to install and come in different colours to suit your room. Create a unique atmosphere with Ribbon Design and enjoy both stylish design and pleasant acoustics.

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Ribbon-Color White Aspen Glossy with Grey RecoSilent-acoustic felt

Ribbon Color

Ribbon Color is acoustic panels in tasteful colours for every home.
Give your home a modern touch with Ribbon-Color, acoustic panels in trendy colours and with softly rounded edges. Whether you prefer a light and fresh or a dark and exclusive style, there’s a Ribbon-Color panel for you. Choose a matt or glossy finish to create just the right feel.

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Why choose acoustic Panels?

There are many benefits of using acoustic panels, some of which are mentioned below.

  • TImproved sound quality and reduced noise – Acoustic panels reduce reverberation time and create a more balanced sound image in the room.
    Through their ability to absorb sound, acoustic panels can help reduce noise levels and create a quieter environment.
  • Increased productivity – A better sound environment can lead to increased concentration and productivity, especially in office environments.
  • Aesthetic improvement of the room – Acoustic panels are available in a variety of designs and can help to enhance the aesthetics and design of the room

Room size and acoustics

The size of the room and its existing acoustics will influence how many panels you need and which type of panel is best suited.
Choose an acoustic panel that fits your personal style and interior design.
Acoustic panels are available in different price ranges and we aim for low prices for high quality panels.

We help you make the right choice

If you are unsure which acoustic panel is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs and wishes.


RECOSILENT is our acoustic blanket made in Sweden from recycled PET bottles.  The acoustic blanket is free of allergens and glue and is recyclable. Our acoustic blanket effectively absorbs unwanted sound and creates a calm atmosphere. It fulfils fire classification b-s1 d0. Choose between grey and black colours  

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