White Aspen Matt, white RecoSilent (Acoustic felt)


Saw cut

Example 1: If you want 3 panels sawn down to the desired height = 3 saw cuts. If you choose 1 saw cut = 1 panel is only sawn of 3 panels.

Example 2: If you want 1 panel in 4 parts of 500 mm = 3 saw cuts with the height 500 mm.

NOTE! The saw blade takes 4mm at each saw cut of the panel.

Write the desired number of saw cuts


Step into sophistication with White Aspen Matt, where white acoustic felt, sleek white ribs, rounded edges, and a matte finish redefine slat wall aesthetics. This unique and elegant design not only captivates the eye but also contributes to a comfortable acoustic environment in any room.

Crafted with a sound-absorbing blanket made from 100% recyclable plastic, White Aspen Matt embraces eco-friendly practices. To ensure the true aesthetic, feel free to request samples before purchase, as screens may distort the appearance of our ribbed walls.

The NCS colour for White Aspen Matt is NCS S-0300-N Gloss 10, adding a touch of refined style to your space. Embrace the elegance of White Aspen Matt, where aesthetics and acoustic comfort effortlessly coalesce.


  • Wall panel 2400 x 600 mm / 2960 x 600 mm
  • Thickness 22 mm
  • Wooden lath 25 x 12mm (15 pcs / panel)
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 240 × 60 × 2.2 cm

2400x600mm, 2960x600mm

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