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- Flexible slat walls designed in Scandinavian style, suitable for use in both home and office settings

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Explore our collection of acoustic panels showcasing wooden slats enhanced with our advanced sound-absorbing material, Recosilent. Manufactured in Sweden’s top veneer facilities at Wallsystems in Tranås and assembled in our Vittaryd factory, these panels provide high-quality acoustic solutions.

Our sound-absorbing wooden slat walls seamlessly integrate into domestic and professional environments with a range of wood varieties and colour palettes.

Acoustic panels with sound-absorbing properties

WallRibbon’s ribbed acoustic panels are highly effective in lowering noise levels to create more comfortable environments. The innovative design features Recosilent at the base and distinctive ribs on top, effectively minimizing noise propagation.

Adaptable and versatile, WallRibbon’s acoustic panels are suitable for a wide range of interiors, from cosy bedrooms to expansive meeting spaces and busy public areas.

WS Diamond Oak and Ribbon-Wood Diamond Oak with Grey RecoSilent in dining room

Effortlessly installed acoustic panels

Experience hassle-free installation with our noise-absorbing panels featuring ribs, complete with a comprehensive range of necessary accessories. Uncertain about how our panels will complement your current interior? We offer the option to order product samples, making your decision-making process smoother.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their interior style, can effortlessly discover an acoustic panel that seamlessly integrates with their existing design. To achieve this, our panels boast a stripped-down, minimalist design and utilize natural wooden materials that effortlessly harmonize with a variety of interior aesthetics.

High-quality, durable, and easy-to-care-for wall panels

Our premium wall panels showcase natural wood veneers with unique, non-repeating grain patterns, ensuring a distinct appearance for each mounted wall. The wood’s inherent grain is enhanced by meticulously applying the perfect amount of varnish to the surface. Our veneering technique is meticulously crafted to minimize visible seams between panels.

Available in a variety of wood types, colors, and finishes, our collection includes panels inspired by resilient Corten steel and opulent marble. Additionally, we offer timeless wood veneer panels such as oak, walnut, and ash in both light and dark shades.

WS-Wood Diamond Walnut in an exclusive restaurant

Thinribbon – an innovative addition to our expansive panel collection

Meet ThinRibbon, our innovative wooden slat panel designed with thin ribs, enhancing our already diverse collection. With its unique design, ThinRibbon allows you to admire the captivating wood grain pattern that spans across one or more slats. This distinctive feature brings an authentic wood ambiance to any space adorned with the panel. The interaction between the wood pattern and the slim grooves between the slats creates a harmonious aesthetic.

Crafted with our acoustic felt RecoSilent as its foundation, this panel not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to a quieter environment. Weighing just 1.8kg/sqm and boasting a slim 6mm profile, the ThinRibbon wooden slat panel offers various advantages in handling, assembly, and transportation.

One of ThinRibbon’s standout features lies in its exceptional flexibility. The veneer seamlessly sits on the acoustic felt, allowing for a perfect fit against door and floor mouldings without protrusion. Furthermore, there’s no need for additional adjustments concerning contacts, switches, and similar fixtures.

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