The enduring Scandinavian design language, established almost a century ago, continues to exert its influence today just as it did then. This minimalist approach to interior design, grounded in natural materials, champions furniture that epitomizes simplicity and functionality—a style resonating across the globe. Wallribbon’s acoustic panels, meticulously crafted with authentic veneer, seamlessly connect the tranquil Swedish forests with diverse settings—a penthouse in Manhattan, a ski lodge in the Alps, or a seafront house in Bali. The choice is yours!

With the inclusion of our RecoSilent blanket, these panels evoke a calm ambiance reminiscent of the serenity found in deep forests. Achieving sound class “A,” these acoustic walls or slat ceilings stand as robust enhancements for homes, office spaces, or any environment that demands a fusion of design and superior acoustics.

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Let the qualities of our Swedish-crafted acoustic blanket speak for themselves:

  • Recirculated: Formulated from over 50% recycled PET bottles, this blanket is fully recyclable.
  • Eco-friendly: A material that champions environmental sustainability.
  • Reco: An allergen-free, glue-free material crafted entirely from 100% PET plastic—a friendly and harmless material.
  • Silent: Exceptional sound-dampening properties for a peaceful environment.

Moreover, Recosilent adheres to fire classification b-s1 d0, ensuring superior fire properties!


Whether you’re envisioning a complete slat wall, a single slat panel, or have a unique application in mind, our diverse collection of slat walls has got you covered! These panels are easily self-installable using either screws or glue, conveniently available under “Accessories.” For resilient slatted ceilings, we highly recommend screws. Meticulously crafted with a felt overhang on one side and wooden lath on the other, these panels boast seamless construction with invisible seams, requiring no extra handling.

To achieve a refined look, pair your acoustic panels’ wooden laths with a matching finishing strip. Throughout our production process, we prioritize the environment, upholding ISO and FSC certifications in our factories. From material selection to production and packaging, our commitment to environmental standards remains steadfast.

For inspiration, to share your new slat wall, or to stay updated with news and releases, follow us on Instagram @Wallribbon and tag your posts with #WallRibbon. We look forward to witnessing these panels transform your home, elevating your walls to extraordinary heights.

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