Revitalize your living space with our adaptable wall panels, effortlessly infusing character into any room. While traditionally employed for insulation and draft reduction, interior panelling is experiencing a fashionable resurgence.

Exclusively crafted, our wall panels showcase natural wood veneers, each exhibiting a distinctive grain pattern, guaranteeing a unique appearance for every wall. The careful application of varnish enhances the natural beauty of the wood, and our precise veneering technique seamlessly conceals panel joins.

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Delivering unmatched quality, durability, and easy maintenance, our interior panels boast an array of wood types, colors, and finishes. From resilient Corten steel and marble-inspired designs to classic oak, walnut, and ash veneers in various hues, we cater to diverse preferences.

Our standard panel sizes measure 2,400 mm x 600 mm and 2,960 mm x 600 mm, both with a thickness of 13 mm. Custom sizes are available upon request, and the weight varies—with the 2,400 mm panel weighing 15 kg and the longer version at 17 kg.

While we aim for precision in depicting our wall panels, we recommend ordering samples to ensure they harmonize with your home. Environmental conditions and lighting can influence their appearance. Take advantage of our sample ordering service, as digital representation may not capture the full essence of the panels.

For a hassle-free installation, explore our range of accessories designed to simplify the process.

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