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Wood Slat Wall

Grounded in Scandinavian design principles that emerged nearly a century ago, this aesthetic remains more relevant today than ever. Its minimalist ethos, celebrating natural elements to craft furniture with a focus on simplicity and practicality, has left its mark across the globe. Ribbon-Wood acoustic panels, meticulously crafted from genuine veneer, seamlessly bring the serene essence of the Swedish forests to spaces worldwide—whether it’s a Manhattan penthouse, an Alpine ski lodge, or a beachfront villa in Bali. The choice is yours!

Harnessing the benefits of our RecoSilent blanket, these panels infuse spaces with a calming ambiance reminiscent of deep forest tranquility. Achieving sound class “A,” our acoustic walls or ceilings stand as robust additions to homes, offices, or any space demanding a harmonious blend of design and exceptional acoustics.

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